Today at #gnomon I’ll be discussing/demoing the advantages and what you can do working with Camera Raw Formats for stills and motion. Adobe, Redcine-X Pro, DaVinci Resolve and a few other things.


Wakes up to warm birthday feels by many rad people. The lurve is strong. Large smile on face. DC Comics provides the perfect gift. July 23rd is now International Batman Day. #batmanday #birthday

With my birthday coming up this week I had to renew my Drivers License. It occurred to me shortly after that with the potential for automated driving vehicles there’s a small chance I may never have to ever do this again. I’m looking forward to the day that I can enjoy a robot chauffeur on my way to the grocery store sipping on a gin and tonic to only buy bread and cheddar. Though that poses the bigger question. If this could be automated in such a way why go to the grocery store at all? Robo-car can just go pick up/deliver your cheese whenever you’d want. Thanks Robo-car. Thank you for future easy cheese potential.

Today at #gnomon we’ll talk about Exposure Theory and Method with a dash of tech talk.


Thursday unwind and drawing at Priscilla’s.

My mother however appears to be less than pleased with a solid chili dog.

My parents were in town yesterday. My father is a big fan of Cupid’s Hotdogs.

New firmware update for my #R3D Dragon = shooting a portrait of my shotgun mic.


Today at Gnomon the start of the Summer 2014 Semester. First class: Photographic Fundamentals. One of the more jam packed classes of the term. No blinking allowed.

Testing out the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with a real quick sketch. The pen is actually really nice.