My father oddly bought these sippy cups for our picnic today. I don’t hate them, but yet….

Visiting my parents for Easter. Mother has a doodle that I did when I was a teenager on the back of an envelope informing her I was drawing at a friends house. Haunting.

Watching Luke Scott’s short film LOOM on my Redray. Shot by Dariusz Wolski on #R3D. Been a while since I last saw it, but damn this short is just gorgeous.


So this is bloody incedible. Watching @nineinchnails March of the Pigs from their recent Melbourne performance queued up through my phone via Youtube sent to my 4K display. Is this the future? I could not do this not long ago. Wait. I’m gonna check for spaceships outside just to make sure.

The Red Switchblade is looking pretty good. I don’t want to get rid of my Side Handle, but for feature and episodic work ACs will love this

Had to shoot a bit with my #R3D Dragon. Couldn’t pass this moment up :)


Lately every time I come to Vegas I have to grub at Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr at Planet Hollywood. Good grub and a wall of beer. Nice to do after a day of trekking all over NAB. My poor feets. They both barely look at me anymore.

@hodoreeee sent me some shots he took while I was in South Korea. Tiny lens. Big pictures :)

The final Zaila Light from NiLA looks pretty darn sexy and small. Might have to outfit a kit with these.

At the #R3D booth right now they are currently sporting 6 foot prints from Dragon 6K material I shot. Also they are playing Tool. Kinda like these guys :)