Hole in shorts. Wear a patch of peeps you respect and miss :)

Today at #gnomon we explore Spherical High Dynamic Range Imaging and the rather peculiar places it can take you.


Robo-focus engage. Just powered up the Red 3-Axis Lens Control System. range test in the morning.

Something wicked this way comes. The Red 3-Axis Lens Control System. The best Lens Motors I’ve ever used. The THC Controller is rugged. The WMD Driver is real smart. The whole kit is alarmingly well thought out. This is going to be used a ton on upcoming shoots. Might be time to invest in a PL zoom lens after all.

Found some old treasure from one of the most intense njght shoots of my career. While working on Angels and Demons there was a catastrophic electric issue that led to the destruction of 3 lighting kits. Working with the gaffer at 3am we bandaged a solution to shoot and scan 100 or so people with various fresnels, but main talent was coming in the following day and we needed proper gear. Wrapped in the morning that day and went on a journey all over LA to find lighting kits appropriate for cross polarized shooting. No sleep, an in car burger devoured on the freeway,l and 3 maxed credit cards later I had what I needed in time to make it back to the set for 5pm call time. I setup those three kits in a hury as Tom Hanks zipped over to our location I was able to fire off one test shot to confirm everything was spot on. It was. The rest of the shoot went well with all main talent and we wrapped with a few good laughs along the way. Monday the following week I was sent a large bottle of Makers Mark with some of the nicest words I’ve ever seen in a card. I remember after shooting Mr. Hanks a rather astonished AD saw all of what transpired going off without a hitch and I said to him “you didn’t hire me for my good looks”. Great memory of an excellent experience with crew, cast, and production. Making things look easy in the middle of a firestorm like that back in 2008 only made me love working on films even more.

"Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it." I think I would have shot an entirely different version of Beyonce’s music video :)

Oh hai you big beautiful bald dark lord you.

Today at #gnomon we’ll be taking an introductory and advanced journey into Practical Lighting Theory and Techniques.


#R3D Dragon takes on a firetruck today in broad daylight because shiny things always are good.


Today at #gnomon we are exploring my two of my favorite things. Color Theory and Composition. Mary Poppins never sang about the good stuff. But she was all sorts of rad.