I’m moments away from flying from LA to Tokyo. I’ll be instructing a Red Dragon workshop for a whole lot of industry professionals out there. I’m so incredibly grateful for opportunities like this. As much as they will be there to learn from me, I cannot wait to learn from them.

Today at #Gnomon we’ll be discussing Exposure Selection and Methods because it’s sort of important. This is a topic I’ll be going extensively in Tokyo next week as well.


Quick snap of my Red Eoic Dragon during the Formatt-Hitech Firecrest IRND Filter tests. It’s freakish what this little beast of a camera can do.

I’ll be heading to Tokyo next week to conduct my next Red Dragon Workshop, it will be along the same lines of what we did in South Korea in March, but a bit more feature focused. Can’t wait to learn about the DPs and general industry in Japan.

Sidewinding my Red Epic Dragon. I have become unnervingly intimate with this tool. And I’ve used it for non-camera related stuff now too. Love a good multitasker.

It was a tremendous and humbling surprise to see some of my Red Dragon graphics and getting mentioned at the beginning of Light Iron’s Gone Girl presentation last njght at the Arclight. It was such a great event and admirable to see the filmmakers, software providers, and Light Iron who have so openingly embraced 6K capture through post for a 4K finish. Some great behind the scenes and panel discussion. High fives to those involved. Great night.

At the Arclight for Light Iron’s Gone Girl Panel focused on capture, color, and post with DP Jeff Cronenweth, ASC, Peter Mavromates, Katie Fellion and Colorist Ian Vertovec.

Not my Red Epic Dragon, but it’s good to see more Leica Summicron-C Primes out there. Every time I see a Dragon in the wild I love to see how people rig their kit.

Finally taking a very, very close look at the Formatt-Hitech Firecrest ND Filters.

A really huge thank you to Pixar last week. Sitting down and talking with Mark Andrews, Justin Katz, and Dan Scanlon was an unforgettable experience. The advice on story, pitching, and development is fresh in my mind and will be for some time. Thank you to Paul Cichocki, THX, Lucasfilm, and Sharp for putting this together. Such an amazing few hours that really happened at the perfect time.