Went to the Leica T launch event this evening. APS-C, 16 megapickles, and shockingly some new electronic M Mount lenses. Seal is apparently an avid Leica shooter. Learn something new everyday. I have a few shots I’ll process later tonight from the T.

Lady doodle. #sketch


The Hoggle Application video I shot for @makeupdesignory featuring @nikogonzalezfx, @catpaschen, and @kylepacek is now online at youtube.com/makeupdesignory. Shot on #R3D Dragon.


Went out for dinner and a beer and…. something weird happened here.

And perhaps the biggest surprise today was this new bag from PV. It’s the same designer as the Arri Basecamp, however Panavision designed theirs with a proper top tray and dividers. This is likely the best AC/camera cart bag on the market. It came home with me. I shall call you Simba.

The @digitalbolex crew was also at Panavision today showing off their 2K D16.

Swung by Panavision today for some stuff. A good amount of shows are prepping and shooting 4K this season. Always fascinating to see the floor with various rigs.

This piece for @makeupdesignory premiered at Wondercon this weekend featuring work by @nikogonzalezfx and @catpaschen. World premiere will happen later this week. A nice close look at what makeup application is like on motion pictures.

A nice Easter surprise while visiting my parents were these actual Easter baby bunnies. Too little to open their eyes and say hi.

My father oddly bought these sippy cups for our picnic today. I don’t hate them, but yet….